Jewellery Tips

Tender, Loving Care tips

As much as you love your jewellery, they are not meant to be worn 24/7. They should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Wear jewellery for appropriate tasks only.

Put your jewellery to bed in individual sealed plastic baggies, pin-tight is tight to keep your jewellery tangle and tarnish free

Keep your jewels out of water! You wouldn’t jump the shower or pool with your favourite high heels. So don’t do it with your jewels!

Keep your jewels sparkling and tarnish free by cleaning them with a polishing cloth.

Avoid applying products (e.g., perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion), as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discoloration and loss of crystal brilliance.

With a Little Care, Your jewellery will last for Years!

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